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Sekolah Menengah Bandar Utama 4 - The STORY

Dear Parents and Students,
This website is created to serve as a mean to get messages across to the Pengetua of SMKBU4. It is NOT intented to be use to attack or be-little any one. Students who are aware of this website please let your parents know about it.
SMKBUD (4) is the fourth government school in the Bandar Utama area, Petaling Jays, Selangor. It is adjacent to the townships of Mutiara Damansara, Bandar Utama and Taman Tun and a few other small townships connected to the three major townships.

The school started in 1.12.2001, with only 132 students of Form 1 and Remove. As of 2007, the student's enrolment is around 1,300 students. As of 2006, its first SPM test was taken by four classes of Form Five students. The first school Headmistress was Liu Ling Ling (above picture right) a woman who portrayed liberal connections with other schools, including private schools like Sri KDU.

The school owes its success to Puan Liu Ling Ling who through her hard work and the support of the teachers have established the school to be well known in the state of Selangor. Success such as the debating team, swimming team and even the cheer leaders’ team has made the school to be the envy of other surrounding schools. The school is full of talents as witnessed through their "Bakat Malam" concert that is held every year.

Through the PIBG the school has a ideal environment whereby parents work closely with the teachers to improve the education standard of the school. Fund raising is fully supported by all parents in ensuring the school would have the extra funds to provide to the needs of the children.

2008 is the dawn of a new era with the arrival of a new and very "experienced" Pengetua. In the last PIBG meeting, many questions and issues were raised for the improvement of the school. However, due to the time factor and the fact that it was getting late in the evening, the PIBG meeting has to end at 7pm. As such, many parents were left with many unanswered questions on many issues. Due to this unforeseen event, this “blog” has been set up to allow other concern parents to properly and diplomatically present their issues to the Pengetua in the most appropriate manner.

All parents and students are invited to write in so that at the end of the day, the issues will be compiled and forwarded to her (the PENGETUA) to be resolved.


The school field is in a terrible mess as it's beginning to look like a pond. Apparently due to the rainy season, the drainage pipe has been clogged up and as such the school field look like a swampy land. On the sports day a few events had to be cancelled as the students were unable to run on the tracks. What a waste of all the efforts and practise the students have put in before the sports day.

Photos: Compliment from a ex-student who attended the sports day to cheer for his brother but sadly the event was cancelled due to the spoiled school field.

Note: The Flooded field which is left to shame during the Sports day. No efforts were taken to repair the field prior to the sports day, citing insufficient funds to do so.

The school pride itself for winning the MSSM Under 15 soccer tournamnet. A dedicated parent volunteered his services in coaching the students. No big announcement was made about this victory. By winning this championship, the school was invited to play in the "DATUK BANDAR" Cup. Feedback from the students is that the Pengetua is not responding possitive to this sport. It seem that the school lack the budget to sponsor the jerseys and the transportation. The estimated cost for participating in this invitation is estimated at RM6,500.
(see below - the school soccer team and the invitation letter from Pejabat Pelajaran Daerah Petaling Utama. Also included is a newspaper cutting on the importance of sports by Tan Sri Lee Lam Thye) - click onto the letter and news clip to see a bigger and readable version.

photos: compliments from a visiting ex-student Note the nice pondok and the fountain in the background.


Over RM30,000 have been spend on the beautification of the school compound which was unnecessary. In the recent PIBG meeting, it was said that such efforts would benefit the students. What doesnt make sense here is that the amount spend would only enable 1.2% of the student population to enjoy the facilities. The "pondok duduk" and the fountain is of low priority as compared to the field which is now a breeding ground for the Aedes mosquito. For these dangerous mosquitoes, the school has provided the ultimate feeding ground, over 1,000 students and easily available from dawn to dusk. .

Both the above ie the repair of the field and the sponsorship of the soccer team requires some budget from the school. It seem that the school lack the funds while high expenses were put onto unnecessary item.

The school cheer team is under close scrunity by the Pengetua citing that the girls dress are too short and as such have set up new rules whereby the students must either wear long pants or stockings during perfromances. It was also strongly believed that during the sports day held on the 28th March, the two team that was at the bottom last was placed last not because of the performance but rather at the "so-called" sexy dance created. The sad part of this is that the girls trained so hard for this day only to be let down by the Pengtua old fashion way of thinking.
I dont see the school responding positive to sports. Can someone highlight on this?
Let all students and parents participate in this blog with the objective of creating the ideal school environment

Please write and express your views on the school matter. We need more parents to write in so that we can resolve all pending issues with the Pengetua.

Do note that the intention of this "blog" is for the benefit of the students studying in SMKBU4. It is to allow parents to voice their dissatisfaction in the school and it's not intended to attack anyone personally.


SMKBUD4 said...

Not sure if other schools do the same.

There has been two incidents where the non-Muslim students were left all by themselves for a whole period so that the Muslim teachers and students can go celebrate certain Muslim festivals. I understand that it is their right to celebrate such festivals, but not at expense of the students time for study.

Once, they used the open hall and the whole school was left alone for a whole hour of study time. That occasion was the festival of Maha Hijrah.

The second incident, was during Prophet's Birthday. The Muslim teachers and students were asked to gather in the 'Surau' while the non-Muslim teachers and students were asked to gather at the assembly ground for a briefing on 'Moral Activity'. During that session, it was extremely humid and hot as the students were exposed almost directly to the sun. After the festival, the Muslim teachers and students came out of the 'Surau' with packets of FOOD while the non-Muslim students experienced the discomfort and fuming.

According to SMK Damansara Jaya, they have a separate day for an occasion like this. They usually pick a Saturday to avoid disruption of studying. This should certainly be more accommodating for all.

Thank you for your time and hope due consideration can be given to improve the matter of this nature.

constantine said...

boycott the current pengetua. Why not write your concerns in the newspaper? get the public attention

Yi May said...

Hi, i from smkdj.

seems like ur pengetua is more bitchy or same like ours.

i see that this old bitch is very racist .

at least you guys are not alone. we are suffering from some really dumb rules to . :(

indeed is true we have seperate days. we are kinda results focused so heck yea. if wanan reply my comment reply on my blog

Justin said...

I believe it would be easier for all, especially parents to comment in this blog if they do not need to sign up for a new email address as many would not like to take the trouble doing that.

I understand that comments can be posted by using Name/URL and also as Anonymous as a feature of blogger.

Those who wish to comment should also be advised to leave a name for reference in the future as it is the wish of the parent who posted this blog to properly and diplomatically present their issues to the Pengetua in the most appropriate manner.

Nim :) said...

why are they not allowing ex students to come for the "hari bakat"?
i don't understand what good thats gonna bring.
enlighten me.

G-N Chuah said...
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agneslyw said...

n yeap, it's THREE students got dengue fever now... n i'm one of them... n i got it from the FREAKING feld during softball practice... owh wait.. i think it was during PJ period... this doens't make sense after foggin the WHOLE BU4 area but the school is not doing any thing... there's a FREAKING BREEDING pond in school... no point spraying like a ZILLION time wen the breeding side is still so ACTIVE ... gosh...

having dengue is suffering.. do something lah lady!!!! n stop clossing ur ears like as if u're not hearing OR reading anything...
God be with u...

Timothy said...

i have to say... She doesnt deserve to be called 'Pn. Pengetua' she tells us we have no manners... but does she have manners herself? she walked out from the teacher's day celebrations lately and it caused a lot of boos and jeers... this shows that we are fed up with her... she makes extremely controversial remarks that should not be brought up.. honestly, why is she here, has our MoE decided to take us several steps back?

wen-han. said...

ex-students are not allowed to attend the 'hari bakat'?
and why is that so?
that's just plain selfish, not letting others to see what smkbud4 is capable of.

joel. said...

wow this is a good site.keep it up!whoever it is keeping this blog going. =D
i'm a fellow blogger.
yes..this issue about our problematic headmistress is really really getting on everyone's nerves now.

i felt like shouting at her when she loudly exclaimed "PELAJAR CINA.." and blatantly covered it up with a continuation "..pelajar india..dan pelajar melayu.."

her continuation of her sentence was just as bad anyway.. "PELAJAR CINA...pelajar india dan pelajar melayu semua mesti bercakap bahasa melayu, kerana berada di malaysia." where does her "good reputation" for fluent english go?

Hau Yon said...

hmm i think i should advertise this now. It seems rather serious. I support thee! XD My band is selected to perform during the Hari Bakat. No rock? HAHAH screw her. We'll rock her brains out. But if possible, please ask her to change it to night time. Your kind consideration is appreciated. fuwah so formal.

Michael Chow(ex-student) said...

Omigosh....What a shocker. I've been so oblivious to the current situation of our school and the education system in Malaysia in general.

Ignorance is bliss as they say. This blog has suddenly awoke me from my slumber regarding the deterioration of our school.

Whoever set up this blog, I salute you. You took the initiative. I hope that you will continue giving us updates as I will frequently revisit this site as often as possible.

Regarding the discouragement of usage of English and Mandarin in school, I advise all students to continue learning both languages as much as possible.

In this era of the rising Asian powerhouses like Taiwan, China and even Hong Kong plus the developed Western nations, whoever commands both English and Mandarin has extremely valuable skills in the working world.

Based on my sister and friend's experience overseas, mastering these 2 languages gave them an advantage over almost everyone in the international community, particularly when people from all corners of the earth are gathered together. They acted as the bridge between the East and the West, helping people from different sides of the world get their message across.

To give an example, my sister was doing social work with a group consisting of a Canadian , a couple of Koreans and a Hong Konger. The Canadian group leader would give an instruction, then she would have to translate into simple English for the Koreans and the Hong Kong guy to understand. Then using their broken smatterings of English, the Koreans and the Hong Konger would give their suggestions in return and my sister would have to translate their broken sentences into comprehensible English for the Canadian group leader to understand.

In short, without my sister acting as a translator, the entire group would not have been able to communicate with each other. My sister acted as THE indispensable bridge allowing the East and the West to communicate with each other. Anyone who can converse with moderate fluency in English and Mandarin can communicate with almost the ENTIRE world.

Therefore, to all current SMKBUD4 students, DO NOT STOP SPEAKING MANDARIN AND ENGLISH. It is imperative that you place equal emphasis on ALL three languages. Do not let those with higher authority but lesser awareness of the importance of tri-lingualism hinder you from improving yourself, your school and your country.

thefatguywholivesnextdoor said...

nice blog ! you rock x) and yes the pengetua sucks... -_____- she freakking scolded us on hari guru for complaining it was hot.... and apparently she walked off when the other teachers were supposed to cut the cake.. what disrespect to her fellow colleagues... too much i tell you... and hari bakat cannot bring outsiders? why the hell not? its supposed to be the night we have fun and showcase our schools talent and to put it in the morning (and i apparently heard we are supposed to wear school uniforms) is just going to be a waste of time if we attend it... she only allowed 1 band to perform this year out of 8-10 bands couldn't she at least allowed about 3-5 bands in as they have practiced so hard for the auditions? to me she is not a real principle she is a racist and one hell of a control freak

Hei Zel said...

I don't know whether it is my luck to have stumbled upon this blog or what. I too, like everyone else, loathe the pengetua. I am a student of this victimized school and if asked my frank standpoint of this pengetua, I have alot to say about her, and none of them are good.

I will never forget what she did to me on teacher's day. It was that faithful day. As usual, she was in her typical bad mood. She impeded the T's day ceremony by pointing to a few students who talked during the ceremony. She pointed at me and I was very appalled as I didn't even speak a word. She left me and a few other students standing right in the middle of the assembly ground. Talk about humiliation and injustice!

You see, if she made such a stupid mistake like this -punishing the wrong student- how do you expect her to run the school? She doesnt have any good leadership. The school will suffer in her hands, as it is now.

She doesn't deserve our respect. She is one of the lousiest head mistress alive, and that's a fact, not an opinion. I mean, she spent raised funds building fountains after fountains, ponds after ponds! Why doesn't she use the money to install CCTV's instead?! The school's security is emasculating and students are studying in a very insecure situation. As far as I am concerned, she ain't attending much to it. All she cares is about bloody fountains. Their useless! See how blunt she is?

Furthermore, she is a religious bigot. I think she is just a parasite to the school (now this is an opinion). Ppl, it's only and opinion. Dont sue me.

Anonymous said...

I am a student at this school and i cannot find any reason for myself to respect her

A person who spends more of her effort on decorative items and less on the education and koko activities does not deserve to be a headmistress.

All she wants to do is win the 3K
Kebersihan, Keceriaan dan Keselamatan.
Yea sure, she'll definitely win the first two but keselamatan? i dont think so.
I think they should add the word "Kecemerlangan" to the 3K.
In that case, we'll never win.

The students, we're active all by ourselves.
All this pengetua cares about is her well being.

I, cannot find whatever reason why the government put her here as our headmistress
She does not have the capabilities, she does not have the dedication.

I don't think she'll even do well as a discipline teacher.

As a muslim teacher? She'll do fine. Great.
or even something related to the word CLEANLINESS.
she'll excel in all those alright.

She does not respect the teachers, she does not respect the students.
How can she expect US to respect her?

I doubt that will ever happen.

The day she is removed, is the day all of us here will be satisfied.

Anonymous said...

i'm not from bu4, but i've heard complaints from my friends over at your school.


What are you? (: said...

terrible.. thank god im out from this school. HEHEHEHEHE. dont worry everyone. hang in there. college life is WAY WAY WAY WAY WAY WAY WAYYYY better then high school. :)

Timothy said...

at least she knows she is unpopular... i say, forget about her and keep smkbud4 alive by letting her rot...if she walks out on us, let her walk...we has students frankly, have no respect for her and rather 'malu' to have such incompetence in our school... i say boycott hari bakat..

Hau Yon said...

awww boycott hari bakat? I don't want to see teachers on that day only. I want students to jeer at her if she stops any band's performance. I am pretty sure both are doing rock songs

Keertana said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Discriminated. said...

I have already posted in the most latest post but,I feel like I should post again.As what someone have posted,"Ignorance is Bliss".True,very very true.I forgot to touch one point about the school.Yes,it is a total breeding ground for Aedes mosquitoes.I have way too many mosquito bites on my feet which are WRAPPED with SOCKS while I'm in school.And yes,many friends of mine have been infected with the dengue fever.As a matter of fact,I have a friend which just got out of the hospital few days ago after 1 WHOLE WEEK from being sick!Is the pengetua really that blind or just playing dumb?She's pissing off the students and she doesn't care.Maybe in time,we should do the same.Then,we shall see who should roll over and play dead!

AConcernedParent said...

Could you please erase my daughter's comment [Keertana] from your blog.Instead I would like to put in new comment.

I don't want my daughter's name to appear on the blog.Thanking you in advance.

PIBG said...

To the Website Administrator,

I am a parent from the school and also a member of the P.I.B.G. 2008. On the issue of the mosquito problem and “denggi” fever, I have written and have contacted M.D.P.J. to come and fog the school.

Yesterday (5th June) evening I was at the school with M.D.P.J representative as well as with some special invited “Personal” to evaluate the situation. At 5.30 pm M.D.P.J came by and fogged the area outside the school. Today they will be coming again to fog the school compound. The Pengetua and Puan Sow were very helpful in ensuring that this is done before the school reopens on the 9th June. I hope that this clears the mosquitoes’’ issue.

Anonymous said...

@anonymous(the comment after my first) - Well, you are trying to hide your identity but there is enough information there to identify you. How big can your team be? They can easily interrogate each of you.

@pibg - Haha, you think fogging can settle the mosquito issue? It just kills the mosquitoes that are there NOW. Sooner or later, the field is going to be flooded and then mosquitoes will just stroll right back in and breed again. Makes sense doesn't it?

regretted said...

could plz erase the comment by anonymous(the one about the competion and not entering it)i have regreted my words but i still feel the pengetua is ignorant.

Anonymous said...

Everyone's ballistic of the irrationality of pengetua's actions. The zeal to chase her away from our school is simply unavoidable. That racist woman certainly does not have any qualifications to be a pengetua- in fact, she only deserves to be a rubbish collector. Money minded tyrant. Ask her for a favor, and her mind will be frantically searching for a number.

Anonymous said...

It can only happen in Malaysia

If its in UK, behaviours like this would have got the head sacked or indeed be hauled up against all the available boards (race relations, equality, standards etc. etc.). There are teaching standards and behavioural standards required as a professional. There is also the question of accountability and responsibility to the students, parents and the wider community. I am amazed! How can you people stand for all these nonsense? After all the head is a public servant and must perform to a required standard as demanded by the tax payers. Fish rot from the head. If a school is not functioning properly, the head should go first. This applies to all organisations. So come on you people. Its your school (not the head's)and your children's future. Do get something done about this!

From: Amazed and bemused

Anonymous said...

suck la u noob admin cre8 dis shitty blog for this shitty school with a shitty pegetua

Anonymous said...

I really hope the school will come out with new rules for those students who come in to the school as and when they like and/or skip class.

Don't just punish some and let some on the loose. Very disappointed to see no action has been taken and I just couldn't understand why the disciplinary teacher is not doing his/her job. The school has been a disaster ever since the new principal came in.

Do something ASAP before year end. Otherwise, you will see more and more students leaving this school.

Luqman Hakim said...

I Agree with Hel Zei.I'm from tamantun anyway.I've lost my bike once near the school.The next day after the day i lost my bike,i'd try to get into the school to check wether my stolen bike is in this school or not but im afraid i'll might be misunderstood as a treepassers.So i've came out with this no-brainers,crazy idea,im gonna climb the school fence,suprisingly,it is easier than i thought! the fences kinda damaged and they didnt put barbed wire on the fences.maybe this school should use more of the budget for the security considering the safety of the student instead of something useless,to all people who readed my comments,no heart feeling k?btw,sorry for bad english,i got c last time :p

Luqman Hakim said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Luqman Hakim said...

@SMKBUD4-I felt sorry for this school weh,im a Muslim btw.Why is this school treating a non-muslim student and teachers like prisoners anyway?i mean,at least they've should asked the non muslims student and teacher to go somewhere comfortable,like library,canteen or in te class.I'ts freaking hot here Malaysia,keep in mind were not in Britain or others countries that got 4 its kinda inhumane for me when the non muslims community in the schools were asked to gather ath the assembly ground for "Moral Activity" under the scorching sun.i mean wut is this,Auschwitz concentration camp ?! And worst,the muslims got the FOOD and all of the comfort whilst the non muslims feels discomfort.
Im from Taman Tun and i hoped this issues had already been solved (eventhough it its like 4 years ago lol XD)

Anonymous said...

W always Malaysian and always will be..but do not bring up about Religious Matter or Some sort of Racism here...

As Ex-student of 2010 and i have a lot of Malay, Chinese, Indian and as well as Orang Asli Friends in that school and still contact untill now..

Basically, most of the student in SMKBUD4 are prefer to not have a teacher in the's free time anyway so everyone can play, have fun and running away..that's how malaysian student adapt their happinese without teacher when. and this is so cliche...the truth is everyone is happy when the teacher not in the class..

The Muslim festival only happen just for a day or 2 in a year in that school...and everyone is allow to celebrate together...this is sekolah kebangsaan..not vernacular school..
If non-muslim celebration..we also going to celebrate it with humble and simple as respect to all the non muslim in that school..i guess all of you should respect that with each other.

If all of you are trying to bring it up this thing...i guess you should get your kids out of that school if you want to...
School is no Politic..School is awesome and kids rules the class.

I love SMKBUD4 SO MUCH where i create memory with my Chinese, Malay and other friends..
Never teach your children hate each other..if you do MAY 13 WILL BE BACK.

Angry Parents said...

This is very unfair... My kids is actually first in class ...But there's a girl ask some teacher to giv her one mark so her marks changes from C to B... Actually she is Third in class..but after the one mark she from third jumped to first! What nonsense is this?!?!

Anonymous said...

Hmm reading this on 7/1/16.... I really don't know what to say... I was ex-student of this school but did not finish my form five here... I really think that this school has some pretty f&%*£d pengetua's... Even as I left this school, did keep up with its up to date stories... And sadly none of them are happy news. In the two years I left, I heard the pengetua changed more than twice, I hear the pengetua is biased, I hears teachers are falling out with the pengetua, this is saddening and pathetic for a school I personally has the quality to be a great school.
Although I am disappointed at not able to join this schools graduation nite, I never regretted switching schools...
Bu4 has become a crappy school...
I hope someone or something can put a end to this miserable era...

Dingultom Dua said...

Sy Nazaruddin pengawal keselamatan smkbu4 melaporkan terdapat satu "laluan tikus" di kawasan tembok pagar tmpt parking motosikal dipercayai laluan keluar masuk pelajar yg dtng lewat dll. Kawat duri tembok tersebut telah dipotong / rosak.
Harap maklum.

Lim siang min said...

Anyone of you know there is any after school daycare + tuition centre near to SMK BU4?